Our partners are organisations that are strategically committed to the mission and work of Betereinders.

How to become
a member

When we talk about members, we talk about people who agree on the basics: don’t complain, do good and work together.

Nobody totally agrees on every single thing and it’s normal, even mature.

Here are a few voices we love and chat with:

  • Elmien du Plessis
  • Bouwer Bosch
  • Gielie Hoffmann
  • Johan Erasmus
  • Schalk van Heerden
  • Ivor Swartz

Frequently asked questions

How long does the process take?

If you would like to become part of this movement, please send an email to eksin@betereinders.

What is the difference between partner, certified and member?

Partners are individuals, companies or organisations that directly contribute to Betereinders as an organisation.

Certified refers to anything or anyone for which Betereinders give a stamp of approval. Certified institutions or people are regarded as good citizens who make a difference and do things with integrity; even though they are not part of the Betereinders movement.

Members are those who blatantly say they are proud of Betereinders and those who associate their good work and efforts with the Betereinders brand.

How can I donate?

Betereinders is audited by PwC and have section 18A status at SARS.

Betereinders ABSA
Branch: 632005
Acc No: 4048376275
Please use your cell number as a reference